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Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: "Thank you for your outstanding contribution... and for your service to the FDIC. We are very grateful."

Executive Vice President, Western Union: "You were a tremendous asset to Western Union and a valued partner to me in my roles while I was there. I have always respected your approach to the issues. You always look for the best solution and stayed the course, even when others might have favored a lower road. I admire your integrity, always have and always will." 

Colleague, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: "One of the smartest guys I have ever worked with.... It has been a great experience working with you...."

Legal Team Member, First Data Corporation: "Thanks for providing me the opportunity to join a great company and an even greater group of legal professionals. I've always admired your passion and support for this group and your obvious desire to see each of us succeed."

Vice President, Western Union: "Truly sorry to see you go. Life will go on but we won't be as strong or as good as it was when you were here. Your focus on the truth and doing the right thing- supported by a great sense of honor- are great assets and the things I'll miss the most."

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