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Independent Director Services

Independent Director Services

Mark may serve as an independent director of your corporation. He offers flexible compensation arrangements for this service.

What is an independent director? An independent director is a member of the board of directors of a corporation who: (1) does not have a material relationship with the corporation (outside counsel, customer, vendor, major shareholder etc.); (2) is not a member of the corporation's executive team; and (3) is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the corporation.

Why have an independent director? If you are a public company, the exchange that you are listed on may require the corporation to have one or more independent directors. If you are in a heavily regulated business, your regulator may require you to have one or more independent directors. If you are a closely held family business, an independent director may provide an unbiased view or opinion that your board may not get otherwise.

Why choose Mark as your independent director? Mark has the experience you need. He was an associate general counsel of two Fortune 500 companies, The Western Union Company and First Data Corporation, for over 13 years. He managed a legal department of 20 in-house lawyers. He is familiar with how public companies are managed, Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, the audit committee's role and the duties and responsibilities of directors. He has over 15 years in private practice. He has an accounting and finance background. He examined national banks for over two years. He has managed his own business. He has dealt with more business issues and problems than most people see in their lifetimes: workouts, foreclosures, class actions, bankruptcies, partnership dissolutions, receiverships and bank closures.

Mark is not a good fit for every business. An independent director should have experience in your industry. Mark's greatest focus has been on the financial services industry. He has work for and represented various financial institutions. He was a financial institution regulator, working for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency as a bank examiner and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as counsel in the Receivership and Resolution Branch of the Legal Division. In his 13 years at Western Union and First Data, he focused on their money transfer, bill payment and money order businesses. He also has experience representing real estate managers and developers, restaurant franchisors, software companies, and oil & gas companies. He was a major owner in a commercial sign company that provides design, fabrication, installation and maintenance services.

Can Mark provide you with both independent director and general counsel services? No. Mark would not be independent if he provided general counsel services.

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