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Business Law

Business Law

For new businesses, Mark can assist with the start-up process, acquisition of the business or franchise, selection of legal entity, preparing the agreements among the owners or members, licensing and registrations, leases or commercial real estate purchases, and business financing.

For existing businesses, he can also assist with negotiation of contracts, leases and loan documents. If you are expanding or divesting, he can help with purchases and sales. He can advise on how to accomplish your business plan. Mark can also provide general counsel services if you do not have an in-house counsel or your in-house counsel is overloaded. He can help you organize the legal side of your business, recommend staffing with in-house counsel or paralegals, select outside counsel and establish guidelines for when and what to send to outside counsel.

Are you swamped by sales calls? Are you too busy providing customers with services to deal with the real estate issues of your business? Mark can negotiate that purchase or sale agreement, construction or mortgage loan, lease or vendor contract for you. He can review title exceptions, zoning, inspection reports, soil reports and environmental reports.

Does your business need a legal health checkup? Sometimes when everything is running smoothly, businesses forget why their attorney set them up in a certain entity, why the customer is required to sign a certain form or agreement or why warning and notice signs are posted. Maybe you are thinking about selling your business in a few years. Maybe you want to bring in a new partner. Mark can check the legal health of your business. He will review how your business is set up, how you interact with customers, suppliers, lenders and landlords, how you are using liability insurance and whether you have maintained the safeguards created by past attorneys. He will give you suggestions on improvements to maintain a healthy legal status and ongoing compliance program.

Why choose Mark? Mark has the experience you need. He was an associate general counsel of two Fortune 500 companies, The Western Union Company and First Data Corporation, for over 13 years. He managed a legal department of 20 in-house lawyers. He has over 15 years in private practice. He has an accounting and finance background. He was a bank examiner. He has managed his own business. He has dealt with more business issues and problems than most people see in their lifetimes: workouts, foreclosures, class actions, bankruptcies, partnership dissolutions, receiverships and bank closures. Mark is focused on prevention. You save legal costs by doing things the right way upfront. 

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At the Mark Thompson Law Firm, P.L.L.C., I focus on Business Law, Banking Law, General Counsel Services and Independent Director Services. I am here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.


The Mark Thompson Law Firm, P.L.L.C. is committed to answering your questions about Business Law, Banking Law, General Counsel Services and Independent Director Service law issues in the Salt Lake Valley.

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